Living in Thailand Under Thai Retirement Visa

At long last, the nation has a great public transportation framework, elite clinical offices and services and all the comfort of metropolitan living so you are not completely confined from the cosmopolitan way of life you are wont to. What’s more, there is that icing in the cake particularly for single retired people; you might have the option to find that subtle better half from the numerous exquisite local people who can turn into your deep rooted friend.


As an outsider wishing to resign in Thailand long haul to partake in every one of the beneficial things it brings to the table, you would need to observe the movement guidelines for you to have the option to lawfully remain here. You would require a visa known as Non Worker O-A visa. This visa can be acquired from Thai consulate in your nation of origin or it can likewise be achieved inside the country. The following are the necessities that you ought to know about while applying for a Thai retirement visa:

  • You should be 50 years of age or more established
  • You really want to fulfill the monetary necessities through any of the accompanying means: 1. Store THB 800,000 in a Thai Ledger – it ought to be in the bank for quite a long time preceding the visa application. You would need to open a Thai financial balance in your own name. 2. Show a proof of THB 65,000 month to month pay
  • Clinical Endorsement – This is not needed assuming the visa is applied for or achieved inside Thailand. d. Police Leeway – This is not needed in the event that the visa is applied for or achieved inside Thailand



You would need to get an underlying visa as a 90-day Non foreigner visa from the Thai consulate abroad. This will be changed over into a One Year Retirement Cong ty lam visa once you are in Thailand and when you are prepared with the monetary necessities as expressed previously.

Significant things to recall about Thai Retirement Visa

  • The retirement visa holder is not permitted to work or create pay in Thailand.
  • The retirement visa is legitimate for one year yet is sustainable the length of the candidate meets the prerequisites. The term of store for the monetary necessity of the visa to be recharged is 3 months instead of 2 months for first time application.
  • The retirement visa holder requirements to report his/her location at the migration office at regular intervals either by specifically visiting the movement office or by posted email to be completed 7 days proceeding the 90-day term.

The most ideal way to go over your retirement visa application is to enroll the services of Thai Visa specialists who can direct you through the cycle and guarantee the fruitful handling of your retirement visa. This way you will be saved the movement bother going with the methodology consequently, permitting you an extraordinary beginning with your retirement in Thailand.